MA is 8th Best State to Have a Baby

MA #8th best place to have a baby

To give expectant parents an idea of the delivery costs, health-care accessibility and baby-friendliness of each state, WalletHub’s analysts compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 17 key metrics. Our data set ranges from “hospital Caesarean-delivery charges” to “annual average infant-care costs” to “number of pediatricians per capita.” Having a Baby in […]

Affordable Housing In Newton: Mayor’s Plan

Affordable Housing In Newton: Mayor's Plan

Excerpt from The Boston Globe. Full article here. In Newton, I recently released a plan titled Newton Housing Strategy: A Blueprint to Promote Affordable, Diverse Housing and Economic Growth. This report represents the first time our town has created a plan to proactively address our housing needs and look at projected demographics decades into the […]

Casting for Parent Trip

Casting for Parent Trip

A Major Cable Network is casting for wild and fun personalities to take the BEST TRIP OF YOUR LIFE…the only catch is that you have to bring YOUR PARENTS! But don’t worry – these are not your average places for a family vacation…They aren’t even family vacations that parents want to go on! These are […]

Newton Police Ask Residents for Feedback

Newton Police Ask Residents for Feedback

Newton Police ask residents for feedback. Please fill out survey here.    

Comprehensive Strategy to Remediate Lead

Comprehensive Strategy to Remediate Lead

Dear Residents, Because of national health concerns about lead in drinking water, City departments and I took the unprecedented step to identify public drinking water sources and water systems, to test for lead, and to remediate problems identified in the last three months. Earlier this week, we released the following information to further update our […]

Metro Boston 6th Most Educated Area

Metro Boston 6th Most Educated Area

In order to locate where the most educated Americans are choosing to settle, WalletHub’s analysts compared the 150 largest U.S. metropolitan statistical areas, or MSAs, across nine key metrics. Our data set ranges from the percentage of adults aged 25 and older with at least a bachelor’s degree to the educational attainment gap between women […]

Racism and Hate Crimes on the Rise

Troubling the Ashes, racism on the rise

The #BlackLivesMatter movement may be making headlines across the country, but African Americans aren’t the only minority group experience prejudice. A new Pew Research poll reveals that more than half of Latinos living in the United States have experienced abuse, discrimination, and unfair treatment. According to author Shirley Aaron, the hate and injustice in today’s world […]

Get ready for CHSNE’s annual banquet!

Get ready for CHSNE's annual banquet!

Celebrate Newly Renovated Auburndale Cove!

Celebrated Auburndale Cove-Picnic Happening!

Celebrate the newly renovated Auburndale Cove playground and fitness circuit! There is something for everyone! Nature activities. The new LifeTrail Advanced Wellness System Historic Games Ice Cream An outdoor workout for older active adults Tai Chi demonstrations Did we mention Ice Cream? No pre-registration required. Transportation for Newton seniors available. Bring a picnic and pick […]

In-Home Hair Care Services

Hair Professionals for Persons with Disabilities

My name is Cory Thomas, founder of The Traveling Barbers “Hair Professionals For Persons With Disabilities”. We are a vast team of professional barbers and stylists who covers the entire U.S by going to the residences of those living with disabilities who may have difficulties with transportation, and provide them with in-home hair care services […]