Close Call Casting Call

Hi there,

My name is Shannon Walsh and I work with a company called Strickman-Ripps Casting. We are a NYC based casting company that specializes in finding real people for television, internet and non-fiction media projects.  You can learn more about us at www.strickman-ripps.com.


We are currently working on an important campaign for a major company.  It is designed to inform the public about the dangers of accidental injuries, involving children.

The project will feature real people who have experienced a “close call” where a child was involved in an accidental injury in or around the home. Perhaps the close call resulted in an injury from which the child recovered, a survival story where maybe the parents were moved into action to prevent it from happening again. Have you or a friend of yours experienced a “close call” with a child from an accidental home injury relating to Fire, Drowning, Poisoning, or Furnitrue/TV Tip-Overs? Would you or they be willing to share that story on behalf of awareness and preventing a similar or worse situation from happening to another family?

Those who are featured in the final project will be able to share their stories on a national level with the hope that their experience and insight might help to prevent similar situations.  They would be fully compensated for their participation in ths project as well.

Please feel free to call with any questions at 212-966-3211 or email us at research@strickman-ripps.com.

Thank you so much for your time.


All the best,

Shannon Walsh

Casting Director

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