math schools, math classes, math, Newton, Kumon, Russian Math, Mathnasium, Math Monkeys

A Fairly Comprehensive List of Supplemental Math Classes

math schools, math classes, math, Newton, Kumon, Russian Math, Mathnasium, Math Monkeys

Are you looking for math classes for kids either to catch them up or to get them ahead? Math classes can also be a more affordable option instead of private tutoring.

There are many choices for  math classes in Newton. I think it’s all about fit; matching the right class to each child so I’ve included articles and videos to help you get a feel for each one.


Russian Math

An an article about it: Russian Math Schools Gaining Popularity in U.S. 

Address: 200 Wells Ave., Newton, MA 02459
Phone: (617) 332-8243
Fax: (617) 244-5177
Vice Principal:   Ralitsa Dimitrova


An article about it: Fast Tracking to Kindergarten?

617.244.9540 Phone & Fax

230 Central Street

Newton, MA


An article about it: Description and Reviews of Mathnasium

49 Winchester Street  Newton Highland, MA 02461
(617) 340-3665


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TenMarks Math Programs|Online Math Help

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8 Responses to “A Fairly Comprehensive List of Supplemental Math Classes”
  1. Brien27 says:

    Actually, I am a woman who are fun of of math… Thanks for sharing this one with us, I know that many more will find it interesting…

  2. Leah says:

    There is also S.M.Art School on Center Street in Newton Center, which has great small groups

  3. Moira+Chiong says:

    We are the teachers/owners of the Kumon Center in Newton. We recently moved to 56 Winchester St., though we are the oldest educational business in Newton and the first to have a Math business. We have been here for 23 years and our 4 children graduated from Newton Public Schools before going to prestigious universities.

    We have never been contacted by this website and were hoping by reaching out to you, we would be interviewed about our program as you have The Russian School of Math.


    Jane Chiong, Ed.D.
    Winston Chiong, Ph.D.

  4. Pragmatic Mom says:

    Hi Jane,
    Please feel free to submit articles or recommendations about your program. Thanks!

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