CoolSculpting Promotion at Krauss Dermatology

The procedure is performed by our board certified Dermatologists at Krauss Dermatology.

Cool Sculpting Promotion 2014

First two cycles $600 each
next two cycles $500 each

All subsequent cycles in 2014 $400 each

Coolsculpting® is a groundbreaking, FDA approved, noninvasive procedure that permanently removes stubborn fat deposits in the abdomen, hips (love handles/muffin top), and back (bra fat).  There is no downtime, recuperation, needles, anesthesia, chemicals or surgery involved.

Developed by a team at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, Coolsculpting® uses safe, effective, natural cooling technology to injure your fat cells without harming the overlying skin.  Over a few months the fat cells are slowly eliminated resulting in about 20-25% permanent reduction in the thickness of the fat layer.

Patients watch movies on our iPad, read a magazine, work on their computers with our office WiFi, talk on the phone or even nap during the procedure.

Coolsculpting® is ideal for the patient who:

  • exercises
  • watches what they eat
  • want a noninvasive procedure
  • wants their clothes to fit better
  • wants to look better in a bathing suit
  • wants to get back to work, home and exercise immediately
  • is within 15 pounds of their ideal body weight
  • has realistic goals
  • has stubborn fat in the abdomen, hips or back

Call for more information: 781-416-3500. Complimentary consultations are available to see if CoolSculpting® is right for you.

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