The Newton Kitchen Tour

The Newton Kitchen Tour Fundraiser for Burr

The Newton Kitchen Tour is a citywide tour encompassing many of the villages of Newton (think same model as Newton Historic Homes Tour, minus everyone tramping through your bedrooms). It is a self guided tour through 10 amazing kitchens. Some big, some small, some modern, some traditional – there will be something for everyone.

The date of the Tour is April 13th, which is a Sunday afternoon from 12-5. We currently have two open spots left.

We’re modeling it after a highly successful and popular kitchen tour held in Melrose each year. One of the organizers is a Burr parent/architect who has participated in that event for years.  There are also similar tours in Wellesley and Newburyport. I think ours could be the best of the bunch!

All the kitchens have an architect or designer attached to it. They will be at the home all day answering questions. The homeowner will also be there to show off their kitchen and talk about the process. We will have food on hand from local restaurants to serve to our guests at each kitchen.

Our goal has been to find interesting houses, with varied styles of kitchens, on a touring route that makes sense. I think it’s going to be a great local event that will just get better every year!

And of course all proceeds will benefit the Burr Elementary School Playground Fund. This year it is the sole beneficiary. As the tour becomes more successful we will include other groups and causes as well.

Our ticket sales are currently online through Eventbrite, but we also wanted to add a local vendor where people could purchase the tickets. Whole Foods seemed like the natural choice for this particular event. Good food and community, in a welcoming kitchen!

The Newton Kitchen Tour

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