iD Tech Camp and Discount

My Son Loved iD Tech Camp and Discount

My 4th grade son has been to iD tech camp two years running now. He and his buddies have been taking the Minecraft camp where they learn how to build mods, but also how to:

  • Work in teams
  • Set goals for group project
  • How to sell your ideas to the group
  • How to decide who does what
  • Problem solving
  • Working independently within a group

It’s been a fantastic learning experience and he’s ready to move to the next level which is Minecraft and the programming language Java. (My son and his buddies have learned Scratch and some Java already through a high school tutor).

iD Tech camp now has half day options for younger kids! This is a great way to get boys and girls excited about technology!

It’s never too early to dream BIG! Kids ages 6-9 will have a blast at iD Tech Mini, where half day options and mini prices let aspiring innovators try multiple courses and discover a love for tech.

iD Tech Camp and Discount


With an emphasis on creativity, exploration, and friendship, this brand new summer camp experience offers nurturing, personalized instruction and lots of project-based discovery.

Campers learn hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills, along with engineering principles, spatial reasoning, programming concepts, and problem-solving skills.

At the iD Tech Mini Maker Station, kids can explore hands-on toys and technologies that go beyond the core curriculum. Campers make new friends and gain experience with Minecraft, coding, Photoshop, robotics, and more. Courses include: Junior/Master Programmer, Junior/Master Robotics Engineer, Junior/Master Minecraft Game Designer, Junior/Master Adobe Photoshop Designer. Mini ages. Mini price. Mini commute. HUGE fun!

Locations include Lasell College, MIT and Bentley, as well as  select campuses nationwide.

Save $15 with promo code NEWTONMINI2015 when you pay in full during registration by Feb 28th.

p.s. If your kids are into Minecraft, you might find this article interesting from The Atlantic: Teaching in the Age of Minecraft. It’s about how teachers are using Minecraft to teach Common Core.

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