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Best Preschools in Newton UPDATED

best preschool nursery school montesorri school day care in Newton MAPreschools, Day Care, Toddler Care in Newton

This list is from Newton’s Wikipedia page. I noticed that it’s not a comprehensive list, so please add in any preschools that you know as a comment and I’ll add the link to the page. We think this is a comprehensive list of all the preschools (Montesorri, Cooperative, Day Care, Home Preschools, etc. ) that we know of. We don’t know what the “best” preschools are; that’s very subjective but I think it starts by looking at a lot of preschools and taking time to really spend time in the classroom. Look for clues like how clean the bathrooms are and how the rooms are decorated. Ask if there are parents from your neighborhood and then track them down for their honest opinion.

Leave a comment to ask a question.  Also, please leave comments about your preschool experience. Thanks!

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Newton Preschools: A Comprehensive List

  • Rosenshine Nursery School, Temple Reyim, 1860 Washington Street, Waban
  • Capability:Mom posted her experience here.
  • Presbyterian Church Nursery School 75 Vernon Street
  • Temple Beth Avodah Nursery School, 45 Puddingstone Lane
  • Beth-El Pre-School, 561 Ward St.
  • Burr Cooperative Nursery School, 64 Hancock St., Auburndale
  • The Teddy Bear Club Preschool, 1466 Commonwealth Ave, West Newton. French bilingual program, meaning half of the instruction (including all literacy) is taught in English. Accepting toddlers starting at 22 months
  • Bernice B. Godine JCC Early Learning Center, Leventhal-Sidman JCC, 333 Nahanton St.
  • The Children’s Cooperative Nursery School, 848 Beacon St.
  • Temple Shalom Nursery School, 175 Temple St. (Many of my non-Jewish Mom friends send their kids here. Great proximity to Peirce Elementary School and just a great place for kids).
  • Walnut Park Montessori School, 47 Walnut Park (All my Mom Friends who went here were happy)
  • Auburndale Community Nursery School, 230 Central St.
  • Rockwell Nursery School at Lasell College, 70 Studio Road (Full day preschool used to teach Lasell students about Early Childhood Education.)
  • The Barn at Lasell College, 1844 Commonwealth Ave, Auburndale (daycare)
  • Newton Community Service Center, 492 Waltham Street
  • Parkside Preschool, 474 Centre Street, Newton Corner (I have one Mom Friend whose two kids went here. She was very happy with it).
  • The Preschool Experience, 1091 Centre Street (I’ve always heard great things about this preschool but don’t actually know anyone who went there)
  • Upper Falls Nursery School, 45 Pettee St, Newton Upper Falls
  • Bilingual Beginnings at Pine Village Preschool 1326 Washington Street, West Newton (Spanish Immersion)
  • West Newton Children’s Center Washington St, West Newton (gives a lot of flexibility in term of what hours you want)
  • Little Red Wagon Playschool 50 Winchester Street, Newton Highlands
  • Second Church Nursery School, 60 Highland Street, West Newton Hills
  • Bowen Cooperative Nursery School, 96 Otis Street, Newtonville (Two of my kids went here. The teachers are fantastic but the coop format is not for everyone. Also, very short days.)
  • Brookline Infant Toddler Center (BITC), 1900 Commonwealth Ave, Auburndale (My two oldest went here. It’s great if you need infant child care and full day coverage.) My neighbor Kathleen says, “Our sons went to Brookline Infant Toddler Center (BITC) at the corner of Auburn street and Commonwealth ave. It has been a number of years but we loved it. “
  • Plowshares, 457 Walnut Street, Newtonville. At Newton North High School, Franklin Elementary School, and Lincoln-Elliot Elementary School.
  • Newton School for Children, 25 Lenglen Rd # 2
  • Golden Days Children’s Center, 66 Needham Street
  • Happy Child Day Care and Preschool, 1191 Chestnut Street
  • JAMS Preschool, 1671 Beacon Street, Waban (will take very young preschoolers and everyone I know who went there loves it)
  • Longfellow Preschool, 777 Dedham Street, at Mount Ida College
  • Suzuki Preschool, 1860 Washington St, Newton
  • Camp Echo Bridge Preschool, 124 Vernon Street, Newton
  • Hills and Falls Cooperative, 258 Concord Street, Newton Lower Falls (My summer camp director teaches here and she’s wonderful)
  • Echo Falls Preschool, 545 Grove Street, Newton Lower Falls
  • Newton Child Care, 225 Nevada, West Newton
  • Barbara’s Day Care, 404 Homer Street
  • Meeting House Child Care, 848 Beacon Street
  • Newton Montessori, 80 Crescent Avenue (I’ve also heard good things about this school)
  • Children’s Corner at Newton Wellesley Hospital, 2014 Washington St, Waban (A Mom Friend was very happy here. They have 12 hour coverage also because they provide child care for medical staff but you don’t need to work there to go here)
  • Newton Creative Start, 573-B Washington Street, Watertown
  • Newton School for Children, 25 Lenglen Road, Newton Corner
  • Victorian Montesorri, 3 Curtis St , Newton Highlands
  • Newton Early Childhood Program,  100 Walnut Street, Newtonville
  • Panda Cub Academy (Mandarin Chinese immersion preschool), 1200 Boylston Street, Brookline/Chestnut Hill
  • Weekday Nursery School, 54 Lincoln Street, Newton Highlands
  • Jewish Creative Preschool, 349 Dedham Street, Newton, MA 02459
  • Saplings Preschool, 0 Carlton Rd, Waban, MA 02468

Preschools Specifically for Toddlers in Newton

These two three schools are for 2 year olds who are typically too young for most preschools where you must be 2.6 years old in September.

Toddler Loving Care

66 Walnut Street

West Newton

My neighbor says, “When your little one gets a little older keep “Toddler Loving Care” on your list.  It is a fantastic preschool.  It is the multicolored Victorian building near the Ed Center on Walnut Street.  Our youngest Sammy went there.” (Ann)

Jams in Waban

1671 Beacon St
Newton, Ma 02168

My mom friends were very happy at Jams. They typically used JAMS for a pre-preschool before moving them to the preschool where their older siblings were.

Green Peas Toddler Care in Newton Centre

My mom friend Katherine raved about Green Peas. It’s a half day 1, 2 or 3 mornings a week. She described it as “very sweet” and especially liked the tiny yogurt and other healthy items for snack. Her kids did a year here before preschool and she highly recommended it to me.

Saplings Preschool in Waban

We are a nurturing play and theme based program geared towards the 2 year old and offer an enriching curriculum in a beautiful indoor/outdoor space in Waban.

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  1. Faye Tonkonogy says:

    I am the new Director of The weekday Nursery School in Newton. I would love for you to add our school to the list of Preschools. Also, if you ever do feature articles on Preschools in the area, we would love to be featured. Also, feel free to announce the appointment of the new director.

    Faye R. Tonkonogy
    Weekday Nursery School

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