Ari Appel, Bike 2 School, Bike2School, Nina Kaplan image

Bike to School. Eat for Free!

Ari Appel, Bike 2 School, Bike2School, Nina Kaplan image

Image by Nina Kaplan from The Newtonite

NNHS Student Get Kids Biking for Food

Newton North High School student Ari Appel encourages classmates to Bike to School. His incentive? FOOD! Bike2School, Eat for Free is a program that involves the Newtonville business community as well!¬†Every five times you bike to school, you’ll get five bucks to grab a bite at Newtonville stores.

Here’s how it works:

Now there’s one more benefit of riding your bike to school. Get a card, and present it (along with your bike) to a bike2school official outside the theatre entrance between 7:15 and 7:45am on a school day. You’ll receive one stamp on your card. After you’ve collected five stamps, your card will be worth five bucks at Newtonville stores that support bike2school.

Just look for the “bike2school supported here” sticker in their window. Then, grab another card, and bike your way to great health, a clean environment, and another free meal.

Where to find a card: Cards can be found next to bike2school posters, at some stores that support bike2school, with a bike2school official during stamping time at the theatre entrance between 7:15 and 7:45am on schooldays, and at other locations in school.Only students, faculty, and staff of NNHS are eligible. Card expires 14 days from date stamped on card. Card may only be redeemed at participating locations. One card per purchase. Card may only be used on one item per purchase. Any remaining value does not apply to additional items or additional future purchases. Partially filled cards may not be combined. Card is void if hole-punched or otherwise tampered with. Not redeemable for cash. Terms are subject to change without notice.
Ari’s Newtonville Bike2School¬†Facebook page has more information. He’s also featured in The Newtonite.
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