Empower studio, exercise studio Newton MA

Body After Baby: How My Fitness Routine Launched My Business

Please welcome Kimberly Negron, owner of The Studio Empower in Newton Centre!

Growing up, I played a lot of different sports, danced and I’ve always been a cardio junkie. A few years ago, I had my first child, and I became both self-conscious of my post-baby body and, like most new moms, more time-crunched than ever before to fit in fitness.

Searching for a workout that I could do quickly but that would give me results, I came across Lagree Fitness (formerly known as SPX fitness or Pilates Plus on the West Coast), and I fell in love! I found that going to a 45-minute class two or three times a week was giving me a better body than I’d even had before becoming a mom.

empower studio Newton ma

I had no idea that the workout I was rocking to get my confidence and body back after my first child would lead to an entrepreneurial venture, but after about six months of faithfully doing Lagree Fitness (and getting my sister addicted in the process), I found myself with some exciting news: I was opening The Studio Empower in Newton Centre with my sister while also pregnant with my second child!

Empower studio, exercise studio Newton MA

As a busy mom and business owner, I can more than feel our clients’ pain when it comes to how time crunched their days can be. Fitness so often falls to the bottom of the priority list for parents like myself, and so providing others with the chance to work out quickly, efficiently and effectively is a really important mission for me in owning my business.

Lagree Fitness draws from the restorative, lengthening properties of Pilates while also incorporating strength training and cardio. We use a patented machine called the Megaformer M3, which allows the workout to be extremely low-impact. It’s great for those with joint issues or injuries, those new moms just coming back to fitness, or even women who are still pregnant.

mom opens fitness studio Newton MA

The workout burns tons of calories (our clients are always dripping with sweat!) while stretching, lengthening and toning every muscle group. It works small muscle groups that you might not otherwise ever feel—you’ll leave a class with a sense of accomplishment and you’ll know why the next day when you feel those sore muscles! It’s always felt good to me to get in, get out and to know that I am doing the best thing for my health and body.

Of course, along the way, as an entrepreneur, mom and fitness junkie, there have been a few lessons learned about balancing health and motherhood with the rest of life!

1. Always have a healthy snack on you. (My favorite is almonds.) Things get so hectic, and with children and a small business, I’m always on the go. This ensures I don’t resort to junk food or other unhealthy habits and keeps me fueled.

2. Make lists. It sounds simple, but list-making is about more than just keeping things organized. I feel so good every time I cross something off. To-do lists for multi-tasking moms can stretch forever, so it’s important to pause and feel that sense of accomplishment.

3. Prioritize exercise. Being a good parent, partner and professional means being good to yourself first. Staying fit and health is important for the longterm well-being of your family and your business. Use your mind to make some affirmations for yourself. Find ways to relax, relieve tension and minimize stress. Taking time off for yourself isn’t just a benefit for you—it’s a benefit for your work and your family, as well!

We’d love to have Pragmatic Mom readers join us for a workout at The Studio Empower in Newton Centre! We can’t wait to help get those bodies back quickly and efficiently, whether your baby was born a few months or a few years ago!

Studio Empower Newton Centre

Kimberly Negron is the owner of The Studio Empower in Newton Centre. For more information or to try a class, visit www.thestudioempower.com. New clients can take their first class for $10.

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3 Responses to “Body After Baby: How My Fitness Routine Launched My Business”
  1. Pragmatic Mom says:

    Thank you so much for the invitation to try out Empower Studio Kimberly! I confess that I do not really like to exercise with the exception of a martial arts style of workout. I am currently boxing 2-3x a week at Nonantum Boxing Club with Marc Gargaro which is really fun for me and I’m hoping to start up Muay Thai kickboxing again as well with Valter, a Brazilian champion.

    But I think that is the key to success exercise for busy moms. You have to find what works for you and what motivates you to keep coming back. Your studio sounds wonderful for moms who want a workout that really shapes their body with great results.

  2. Kimberly Negron says:

    Mia, thanks so much for coming by and checking us out! We were so glad to have you! : ) Come visit us again soon!

    • Pragmatic Mom says:

      Hi Kimberly,
      It was my pleasure! What a great exercise studio and story you have! Loved learning about it!

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