New Public Art Exhibit at The Street

New Public Art Exhibit at The Street

Check out the new public art exhibit at The Street! Photo by Nicholas Knight, courtesy of Art Production Fund The Street unveiled its latest art initiative, Everything, a larger-than-life public art installation by acclaimed artist Hanna Liden. Monumental in size, Everything is bound to stop The Street’s shoppers in their tracks, even in the midst of the holiday […]

Hidden BoxART in Chestnut Hill

Hidden BoxART in Chestnut Hill

Unless you go into the FedEx parking lot off Route 9 in Chestnut Hill where our Orthodontist is, you probably missed this BoxART piece.      

New BoxART on Washington Blvd at Adams

New BoxART on Washington Blvd at Adams

I drove by Washington Blvd a few weeks ago and leaned out of my car to catch these artists in action. They are painting a pretty incredible BoxART work of art off Adams Street. I can’t wait to see it when it’s done! Does anyone know who the artists are?

Halloween Window Painting Masterpieces!

Did you get a chance to see the wonderful window Halloween paintings? I tried to photograph as many as I could when I saw them running errands. I would love to add more if you want to email me your child’s Halloween Window Painting. PragmaticMomBlog (at) gmail (dot) com. Thank you! This was on the […]

New BoxART Commonwealth Avenue

This lovely new BoxART popped up a few weeks ago. What do you think of it? It’s Commonwealth Avenue at Chestnut Street.

Washington Blvd BoxART near Newton Wellesley Hospital

Newton BoxART. Newton MA street art gallery

Another lovely example of Newton Street Art. This BoxART piece is on Washington Blvd. which is part of the Boston Marathon route near the Newton Wellesley hospital.

BoxART Needham Street WIP

Street art, street art gallery, BOXArt Newton, BoxART Needham Street, BoxArt Avalon Apartments

This lovely BoxART seems to have popped up out of nowhere in the last few weeks, or perhaps I just haven’t driven down Needham Street near the Avalon Apartments and McDonalds in a while! We love it. The last side is still white so this is a Work-In-Progress. I wonder if the three other sides […]

St. Patrick’s Street Art

Boston Box Art, street art, clover street art, 4 leaf clover street art

St. Patrick’s Street Art in Boston I saw this BoxART near the Boston Public Library on my way into Back Bay Boston. It’s so perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Did you spot any 4-leaf clovers? Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! If you are looking for any activities, decorations or food ideas, please check out my St. […]

Halloween Window Painting Masterpieces

Newtonville Halloween window painting, Newton window painting, Saylor, kids window painting

Newton Halloween Window Painting I happened to be in Newtonville on the first day of Halloween painting when I saw Saylor and her brother Logan as they wrapped up near Starbucks. Their mom told me that it took 2 hours start to finish for them to create their lovely paintings. Here are more … a […]

Sign Up for Halloween Window Painting!

Newton window painting for Halloween, window painting for kids, halloween window painting Newton

Halloween Window Painting in Newton Villages Saturday, October 27, 2012 9 am – 4 pm Open to kids in Grades 3-8 Rain date Sunday, October 28 Window Painting Contest Rules Each artist will be assigned a 20″ x 36″ space on the outside of a merchant window in Newton’s participating villages. Sill, wall, and sidewalk […]

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