Community Agriculture in Newton Provides Fresh Produce and Classes

According to a four-year study done by the European Union, organic food has up to 45% more antioxidants than regular food.  It is grown in “safe soil” and no pesticides or fertilizers are used in growing the product. This makes organic, local food a healthier option for you and your family.

The Newton Community Farm provides freshly grown, organic food to everyone in Newton. The list of crops ranges from well-known fruits and veggies like broccoli and watermelon to more unique items like mizuna and chard. The NCF holds multiple special events throughout the year for things like tips on starting your own garden, community dinners, and family festivals.

Classes are also provided for kids and adults so everyone in the Newton community can grow and cook with healthy, homegrown fruits and vegetables. The NCF also has a stand in the Newton Farmers Market every Friday from now until October, so be sure to stop by to try some of the fresh produce! To contact the farm or to read more about their programs and events, visit their website.

Biointensive 4 – Season Gardening.

Saturday June 30th, September 8th, 9 – Noon.

$45, $40 Friends of the Farm.

This series is designed to get your home garden up and running, growing vegetables all year round.
The curriculum is spilt into 4 sessions of which 2 remain and is timed to coincide with the main gardening seasons and the associated tasks.

Session 3 – The Mid Season Bounty and Thinking Ahead. (June 30th 2012).
Topics covered in this session include weeding, harvesting and tips on how to dry and store your harvest. We will also check in with your compost system and discuss what needs to be done at this time of year. Learn about the importance of crop rotation, underplanting full season crops and begin to plan for your late season harvest.

Session 4 – Winding down…not really!! Season extension and more (September 8th 2012).

Learn about the different methods of season extension; row covers, hoops and mini greenhouses. Discuss what crops can be grown over the winter and the role of cover crops. Revisit your compost system and learn about the importance of turning and also how to store your compost. Finally learn about the importance of seed saving and how to begin your own collection.

Instructor: Ted Chapman and Farm Staff Location: Newton Community Farm

p.s. Farm Share at Land Sake’s Organic Farm here in Weston. They also have great summer camps for kids teaching them how to run a farm.



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2 Responses to “Community Agriculture in Newton Provides Fresh Produce and Classes”
  1. Capability says:

    We shared a share from this wonderful farm for two years – love it! As far as Land’s Sake camp – a wonderful camp – I’m writing about it now.

    • Pragmatic Mom says:

      Hi Capability Mom,
      So glad you had a great experience with both these local farms! Looking forward to hearing about the Land’s Sake Farm Camp for kids!

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