Is Cultural Appropriation OK? Blackface?, the1janitor

Is Cultural Appropriation OK? Blackface?

Is it OK for white people to have dreadlocks? He gets asked this question weekly. But the question that people ask isn’t really about a hair style; it about racism and political correctness.

Is Cultural Appropriation OK? Blackface?, the1janitor

The 1 Janitor puts this into perspective including blackface which he says you do have to take history into account:

Why don’t people like blackface?

The reason why people don’t like blackface is because it has a specific history attached to it. A specific, negative, deragatory history attached to it, similar to the “N” word. See, it doesn’t apply to bindi’s and moccasins.

This is the case of people using a word that is historically deragatory and saying, like, I don’t give a sh!t about your culture whatever. And that’s not ok.

But in a case when a person is just, in general, interested in or entertained by or inspired by another culture or even just thinks it’s cool, I don’t understand why that’s a bad thing. You’re allowed to like stuff.”

And my point is that yellowface also has negative, deragatory history attached to it and that’s not OK either.

But for those who claim that yellowface should be portrayed on stages, please give me your argument why yellowface is not racist.

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