Cultural Survival’s Bazaars in Jamaica Plain

Cultural Survival’s Bazaars in Jamaica Plain

On Saturday, Aug. 6 and Sunday, Aug. 7 from 10am-5pm, Indigenous artists and musicians from around the world will come together for a free admission festival celebrating their cultures. The Jamaica Plain community is invited to join them to enjoy Indigenous music from Mali, Ecuador, and the US northeast and art whose purchase supports the livelihoods of Indigenous communities around the globe. An attendee has called it “the best place to get unique global gifts while supporting indigenous cultures!”

 Cultural Survival’s Bazaars in Jamaica Plain

The Bazaars bring a complementary burst of color to the arts community in Jamaica Plain, with Indigenous makers demonstrating and telling the stories behind their crafts and selling one-of-a-kind pieces of art for various budgets. Attendees enjoy the chance to meet people from around the world in an intimate, community-like space. Picnickers are welcome to munch while listening to all-day concerts.

Since 1982, Cultural Survival’s Bazaars have provided a market for thousands of artists and cooperatives spanning six continents and over sixty countries. Each year the Bazaars generate about half a million dollars for Indigenous artists, performers, and projects benefiting Indigenous communities worldwide. Attendees can enjoy craft-making demonstrations, free concerts, and one-on-one conversations with representatives of dozens of different Indigenous cultures.

Many vendors represent cooperatives that make it possible for children to attend school and provide a singular source of income to women. Whether working with ancient techniques or modern materials, the artists produce unique pieces and intricate designs that fascinate viewers. One attendee said, “It’s like a trip around the world’s bazaars.”

About Cultural Survival: Cultural Survival is an international GBO whose mission is to advocate for Indigenous Peoples’ rights and support Indigenous communities’ self-determination, cultures, and political resilience.

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