Dirty Boys Composting

Dirty Boys Composting specializes in taking the guesswork and hassle out of backyard composting, so our customers quickly create high quality, usable compost without problems of odors or pests. Our approach of teaching our customers about proper composting techniques, along with providing constructive feedback on their efforts, has resulted in a 100% success rate.

As part of our Starter Service we:

  • Deliver a MassDEP recommended compost bin.
  • Install your compost bin.
  • Set up your compost pile with the optimal level of Nitrogen & Carbon-rich ingredients.
  • Jump start your compost pile with our superior quality, Newton-bred, red wiggler worms.
  • Check, amend, turn, and report on your compost pile twice after installation.
  • Provide feedback on your composting efforts so you know exactly what you are doing correctly and incorrectly.
  • Give recommendations on ways to increase the efficiency of your compost pile.
  • Keep an eye on your compost pile for the first several weeks to make sure it’s actively decomposing.
  • Teach your family about composting.
  • Provide phone and email support to answer your composting questions throughout the year.

The fee for this service is $160, and for those already composting (who don’t require a bin) our subscriptions are $130.

To get started, email grant@dirtyboyscomposting.com.


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