Donations of masks and supplies to Boston Hospitals

Donations of masks and supplies to Boston Hospitals

Donations of masks and supplies

As you have undoubtedly been seeing in the news, hospitals are increasingly facing shortages of the personal protective equipment required to prevent infection of healthcare workers taking care of patients with COVID-19.  This includes masks (N95 and surgical) and gloves.   We have had several patients approach us regarding donating to Boston hospitals extra supplies that they had purchased.  These donations are generous, desperately needed, and greatly appreciated.   Information regarding which items are accepted for donation and where these can be dropped off can be found HERE:

For donations to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center: 

You can also email Chris Minette at with any questions.


For donations to Mass General Hospital: 

For donations to Brigham and Women’s Hospital: 

We know these are challenging times for everyone as our daily lives are disrupted and our families sometimes separated.  We remain available to address individual questions and concerns by email and phone, by video-telephone conference, and in the office for medical consultations when appropriate.  The single most important aspect to controlling this outbreak is for each of us to continue to rigorously and seriously follow the guidelines of social distancing and personal hygiene.   Please remember that we will continue to follow the previously outlined protocols for all office visits to ensure the safety of our patients and staff for all office visits:

-Any patients that feel they need an office visit, must call in advance and speak with a physician

-Our door remains locked, and all patients will need to ring our doorbell.  

-After being cleared to enter the office by a physician, all patients will be asked to wear a surgical mask upon entry to the office and will be asked to use hand sanitizer upon entry to the office.

Stay home and stay well.


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