Free and Fun Book Club!

Free and Fun Book Club!

Free and Fun Book Club!

Who? Girls and boys in the fourth and fifth grade

What? A book club for students taught by a student, Sidnie Kulik, who is a sophomore at the Noble and Greenough School.

When? One Friday every month (during the academic year) form 7-8 p.m.

Where? 1736 Washington Street, Auburndale

Why? To motivate children to read, to improve comprehension skills, to provide an engaging and entertaining social opportunity for kids



Please contact Sidnie Kulik by August 15th


Phone: 617-485-9109


Hi everyone! My name is Sidnie Kulik and I am really excited to have the opportunity to run a book club for elementary school students. I feel passionately about this club because I have grown a strong affinity for reading throughout my years at school. Like many students, I was not always super intrigued by the thought of reading. I always thought of it as another school assignment, but as I grew up and started to read more I realized how much I loved the activity. I saw it as an opportunity to connect with others, learn more about the world, and found reading to be very entertaining. I hope to get your child to enjoy to read, at least a little bit, but I am also looking forward to working with elementary aged kids, as I have an awesome cousin that is this age. If you are interested please contact me to sign up before the start of the school year, I will provide more details and information from there. Thank you and I hope to have the opportunity to meet, speak, and read with your children!

Free and Fun Book Club!

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