Free TEEN Driving Skills for Life Program

This summer, the Ford Motor Company Fund is bringing the Driving Skills for Life program back to New England.

Free TEEN Driving Skills for Life Program

Wed. & Thurs., July 26-27: Seeking Speedway, Seeking, MA
Registration Link (with info): here.

In case you haven’t heard about this program before, this (100% free) hands-on driving program is taught by actual race car drivers, and I can tell you that it is a blast.

Teens will learn skills that go beyond driver’s ed. Skills include how to handle a spin out (in a Mustang, no less) as well as speed management, reaction time etc.

They’ll even have to go through a closed course while being utterly distracted by texts and an instructor, as well as donning what we call “impairment” glasses.

It’s a real eye opener for many. With vehicle crashes being the #1 killer of teens throughout the country, we are passionate about giving teens the skills they need behind the wheel, and believe that we’ve found a fun way to do just that.

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