Give Your Child The Gift of Manners This Year!

Give Your Child The Gift of Manners This Year!

Etiquette Classes for Youth Return to Newton in 2016

Give Your Child The Gift of Manners This Year!

Today, children are confronted with numerous social situations at school, on play dates, and in public, which raises questions about proper manners and the value of self-presentation.

Why should I use good manners when my friends are not? I want to fit in, what if my classmates make fun of me? What are social cues, and how do I read them? What is a leader, and how do I become one? Why should I learn the adult way of eating? Why write thank you notes? How should I act when I am at a friend’s house or in a restaurant? How can I feel more comfortable when speaking in front of an audience?

These skills and knowledge do not always come naturally for children, and they will continue to struggle in social situations well into their adolescence without the proper tools to conquer these issues.

The Etiquette Academy of New England’s 8-week long etiquette program for grades 2 to 12 cover topics such as improving social and communication skills, projecting confidence, combating shyness, strengthening self-esteem and leadership skills, navigating friendships, resolving conflict, understanding social cues, basic manners, table manners, and more.

Programs are specifically developed for each age group, taught in a fun and interactive way, and the final class takes place at a local upscale restaurant where students get to show off their newly perfected skills!

The program has received outstanding reviews from parents, teachers and yes-even students. 

Give your child the skill set to succeed as one of tomorrow’s leaders. Trust us – your child will thank you (eventually).

Now enrolling for Winter 2016 at CHUNGDAHM ReadWrite in Newton Upper Falls on Saturdays beginning January 30th!

For more information and to enroll, visit or call 617.608.3920.

About The Etiquette Academy of New England

The Etiquette Academy of New England is an academic institution dedicated to enhancing social skills, improving communication techniques, and developing leadership qualities necessary to succeed personally and professionally.

Included in ‘The Best of the New for 2012’ by Boston Globe Magazine, they are committed to offering the highest quality programs in the fields of contemporary etiquette, protocol, communication and social skills development. They offer classes and workshops for adults and youth, and partnerships with schools, higher education institutions, non-profit organizations, restaurants, businesses and more.

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