Moppin’ Floors to CEO

Don’t ask for a job, Ask for advice…

“No matter how difficult your life may be, there is a path forward,” says Miller in his new book, Moppin’ Floors to CEO: From Hopelessness and Failure to Happiness and Success. “This is not a book about some quick tips to change your life, but rather about my true journey from feeling hopeless, despondent, and a failure, to transforming my life into one filled with much joy, happiness and success.”

Miller’s advice includes:

  • No matter where you start, you can find success and achieve your goals.
  • The importance of having great mentors—reaching for help when you need it, and creating opportunities for those who need guidance.
  • Why the best piece of advice he ever received was, “don’t ask for a job, ask for advice.”
  • You need to have faith and believe in yourself. The biggest difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is the belief that they can turn their dreams into reality.
  • Why success is the best form of revenge.
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