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Le’s Pho in Dorchester is Worth the Commute!

We have been going to Mr. Le’s restaurants for over a decade, starting with his tiny outpost (no longer there) in Chinatown, moving on to his Allston location, and occasionally making it to his Cambridge restaurant when we braved the parking challenges.

We frequented Atrium mall frequently until it closed down last summer. And we even made it to Dorchester where we were treated to the Beef 7 Ways special feast. It was truly amazing. The beef is truly different in the seven different preparations and each version is more delicious than the last. But save room, you will be stuffed!

My kids’ first meals were Pho too. And the crispy spring rolls. My toddler daughter, tired of eating baby food, one day snatched a crispy spring roll from the table and ate it. She didn’t choke (our fear) and it was clear that she enjoyed it.

Now that my kids are 13, 11 and 8, I marvel that they eat everything Vietnamese including the roast quail (my personal favorite), they own versions of Pho, lemongrass pork and rice chowder without any  green stuff, please!

My kids treat Mr. and Mrs. Le like extended family and indeed, they were willing surrogate grandparents for them, often carrying them around to see the fish tanks so we could eat our meal in peace when they were babies.

We are so thrilled to find Mr. Le on WGBH Food! If you can make it down to Dorchester, it’s worth it for the extensive menu including Beef 7 Ways which is exclusive to this location! If not, Allston!

Watch Episode 205: Duyen Le / Pho Le on PBS. See more from Neighborhood Kitchens.

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