Amuse Bouche, stuffed pork tenderloin recipe

Round Up of Links from Newton Bloggers

This month’s round of Newton Bloggers’ links are drawn from their September and October posts. Are you a Newton blogger and want to be featured? Email me to submit your best post and I’ll also include you on our blog roll.


Saul Wisnia: Fenway’s all-time Red Sox team: Did the fans get it right?

Saul is the author of Fenway Park: The Centennial, 100 Years of Red Sox Baseball so he clearly is an expert! His post is is an fantasy team going back in time to cherry pick the best players to ever play for the Red Sox.

Amuse Bouche:  Stuffed Pork Tenderloin III

Now that the weather is turning colder, roasting suddenly is very appealing. Need ideas for a special Sunday night dinner either for yourself or to entertain? Amuse Bouche’s easy conversational instructions will ensure success!

Amuse Bouche, stuffed pork tenderloin recipeimage from Amuse Bouche

Anita Diamant:  Architecture in Time

Anita reflects on how memories make architecture into a sanctuary. Her latest book is Day After School.

Be Well Within: 6 Tips for Being More Resilient

David Poles, LMHC, gives advice about coping with stress which can often, left untreated, manifest into physical symptoms.

well within, coping with stress

Boston 1775: Lexington is Turing 300!

This blog gives the history, analysis, and unabashed gossip about the start of the American Revolution in Massachusetts. Lexington, the other offshoot of Cambridge (Newton being the first as we were originally named New Town) is about to reach its 300th anniversary!

boston map 1775Map of Boston in 1775. Image from

Marjorie Arons-Barron: Tilting Yes on Medicinal Marijuana

Question 3: Her take on this issue.

Image from Wikipedia


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