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Mosaic Masterpieces

Mosaics by Ariel in Needham

I met Ariel on Twitter and when I found out she lived next door in Needham, it seemed like we were fated to meet, especially after I popped over to her website and saw her amazing custom mosaics.

This piece is gorgeous. Can you imagine it larger as a kitchen backsplash? Funny you should ask, because she does that too!

custom mosaic kitchen backsplash, custom mosaics, mosaic artist

When I told Ariel that this piece reminds me of Japanese brush painting and Gustuv Klimt, she said that Gustav was influenced by Asian art.

custom mosaic, mosaic artist, Needham mosaic artist

Her pieces are the epitome of form meeting function. While they are worthy of hanging on a wall as a museum piece, she also creates custom kitchen backsplashes, corporate logos, and mirrors.

glass mosaic corporate logos, corporate logo mosaicsCorporate logo for the boardroom

mosaic corporate logo, mosaic corporate logos, mosaics by arielle

G20 custom mosaic logo, mosaics by ariel, Needham, NewtonMosaic Custom Logo for G20 Spa on Newbery Street

This is a custom kitchen backsplash.

custom tile backsplash, mosaic tile artist

She is in the middle of creating this custom kitchen backsplash.

custom glass mosaic backsplash, mosaics by ariel, Needham

She also does custom mirrors. This one would be amazing in an entry way. She makes all mirrors to order and can do different sizes, shapes, and colors as the client desires. The mirrors are popular as wedding gifts.

glass mosaic mirrors, custom mosaics, mosaics by ariel, needham

The artist with a small mirror.

custom mosaic tiles, mosaics by ariel, Needham

mosaic mirror, custom mosaics by ariele

A few interesting factoids about Ariel:

  • She has a photographic memory.
  • She’s Harvard’s first mosaic artist. (Class of ’04)
  • Her family has been in the jewelry business for generations.
  • Jewelry design is also on her resume. She makes fused glass jewelry.
If anyone is interested in contacting Ariel, you can reach her here. I wish I had some empty wall space; her bubbly personality makes you want to hang out as long as possible! She’d would be very fun to work with!
p.s. My good friend Artchoo!: Contagious Art and Design for Kids is posting on Ariel’s mosaic art project for kids. The kids did huge self portraits using mosaics. View¬†post.

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  1. This is just the kind of glass wall art I am looking for. Please can you contact me. Thank you!

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