Fairfax Mudroom, Fairfax Mud room

My Dream Mudroom As Described by Architect’s Wife Without Mudroom

Peter and Tracy Sachs, Peter Sachs Architect, NewtonThe cobbler’s children have no shoes and the architect’s wife has no mud room! Actually, in the case of Peter and Tracy Sachs, the architect’s wife has no mudroom now but is about the get the mudroom of her dreams. What is a dream mudroom? For Tracy, visiting the glorious mudrooms of Peter’s clients has helped her define her dream mudroom.


1) It must be spacious enough to contain all the sports equipment of three active kids.

2) It must have hooks for backpacks.

3) It must look tidy or have the illusion of tidiness by closing it off when not actually tidy.

4) She must be able to pack and unpack backpacks in the mudroom.

5) It must be near both the entryway into the house AND the kitchen.


What is your dream mudroom? Door to close it off or not? Bench? Sink to wash dog? Please share!


Mudroom Ideas

Peter Sachs says, “The client wanted a mudroom that is modest but formal and open with a bench. They did not want it to look like a funky kids’ mudroom.”

mudroom, dream mud room
Centre Street Mudroom


The second example is a client who wanted a funky, all purpose, kid friendly mudroom.

Fairfax Mudroom, Fairfax Mud room
Fairfax Street Mudroom


This is the front of the Fairfax house. The mudroom is off the side entrance car port.

Fairfax front entrance, Peter Sachs architect

The last one is a combination mudroom/laundry in a very tight floor plan. They have a small dog that gets washed in the sink.

Laundry room, Peter Sachs Architect
Jordan Mudroom

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3 Responses to “My Dream Mudroom As Described by Architect’s Wife Without Mudroom”
  1. Angelica says:

    Hi! I love the floor in the Fairfax Street Mudroom and would be very greatful if you could tell me what the name of the stone/tile is. Thanks!
    My dream mudroom must have
    -closed wardrobes for coat and jacket storage,
    -hooks for those used daily,
    -a bench for two or three people to sit on at once
    -hooks for backpacks,
    -drawers or baskets for each family member for items such as sunglasses, hats and caps, gloves, etc.,
    -drawers or baskets under the bench for shoes
    -storage for sports gear, swimming(2bags), soccer(muddy boots), BMX (helmets and bags)
    -a place for The Beach Bag, with towels, bathing suits etc. ready to grab and go

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