Musical, 1776, in Arlington!

Musical, 1776, in Arlington!

MIT Gilbert & Sullivan Players are celebrating and making history with a genderblind production of 1776, the Tony Award-winning musical by Sherman Edwards and Peter Stone.

Musical, 1776, in Arlington!

The show is directed by Emma Brown, with vocal direction by Johnnie Han and Tom Ostrowski, and Julie Henion and Liza Zahray at the baton. Edwards’ classic musical makes history come alive, giving us a humanizing look at our founding fathers that is at turns funny, terrifying, endearing, and always honest.

The year is 1776, and the legendary Continental Congress is in session in Philadelphia to decide what to do about the ongoing war with England. At the center of the action is John Adams of Massachusetts, a fiery but well-intentioned man who knows that the only way forward is for the colonies to declare independence, but convincing a skeptical congress seems like an uphill battle.  When a proposal for independence comes from a more congenial colony, John sees the chance he’s been waiting for.  The rest, as they say, is history.

What makes this production unique is director Emma Brown’s decision to cast it genderblind. Witness spirited performers of all genders and sexes bring these long beloved historical figures to stunning life.

Prominent among them are three talented artists from Arlington: Anna-Constantia Richardson as John Adams, Michael DeFillippi as Benjamin Franklin, and Sara Haugland as Thomas Jefferson.


1776 will be performed in Kresge Little Theatre, located at 43 Massachusetts Avenue on the MIT campus in Cambridge, MA.

Dates are August 12th, 13th, and 14th.

All performances are at 8:00 PM.

Tickets can be reserved on our website,, or by e-mailing

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