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Need Your Driveway Sealed? Hire High School School Student Ben Chin

Hello Neighbors!
My name is Ben. I am a junior in high school. I had originally planned to get a job to help save for college but unfortunately, with the coronavirus, it is now unsafe to do so. I have decided to seal driveways as a replacement for my job. Sealing your driveway makes it look brand new for much less than replacing the entire driveway!
To make things better also I have decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from the job toward the Black Lives Matter movement and The Coronavirus Relief Fund. These are two of the biggest issues I see currently happening today. This way I can help save toward college while supporting two issues to help make the world better.
The price will depend on how big the driveway is and how many cracks there are that need to be filled. If you would like to seal your driveway to make it look brand new again, please do not hesitate to contact me through here with your address and I can give you a quote. I have done quite a few so I have a good amount of experience.
By hiring me it is a win-win, some money is being donated to charity and the rest is going to my education while you get a brand new beautiful looking driveway!
Thank you for your time and hope everyone is staying safe!
Please text me at 617-631-4834
Benjamin Chin
Before and After Photos:
before driveway sealing
driveway sealing Ben Chin AfterNeed Your Driveway Sealed? Hire High School School Student Ben Chin
driveway sealing Ben Chin
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