New La Tate Mexican Restaurant is Muy Delicioso!

La Tate Mexican Restaurant in Newton is new and we just tried it! First of all, we were impressed by the salsa. It was fresh and homemade. The usual stuff is not too spicy (probably in deference to the area), but they gave us a habanero salsa that they made for the staff. It was really spicy and delicious. We also sampled the Pico de Gallo, which is kind of salsa to me.

The guacamole was fresh and delicious. What really impressed me though was the entrees. My enchilada was a spicy pork (I think carnitas) and it was delicious! We also tried the taquitos, also delicious and extremely savory.

It was a really hot day so I didn’t try the soup but I am looking forward to that.

The staff is really friendly and the decor is exuberant with brightly colored walls and tables, and an inviting bar showcasing artisanal tequilas.

This is a wonderful addition to the Newton restaurant food scene. The only downsides to La Tate is the lack of parking. We found street parking on the back side.

The pricing is also a tad high, especially for lunch specials but I am happy to pay a little extra because it ensures that La Tate can make it in this high rent area and also that they are not skimping on quality ingredients.

We highly recommend La Tate. They also have a take out menu and I assume they deliver. We will be back!

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