Newton 9/11Memorial Committee

Newton 9/11 Memorial Committee

The Newton 9/11 Memorial Committee

Our goal is to create a 9/11 memorial for Newton. Not just to memorialize the eight people from Newton who died that day, but to commemorate the heroism of the police, the firefighters, and the everyday citizens who reached out to help each other.

To remember with sadness the lives cut short and with admiration the bravery displayed by the first responders who selflessly ran into the Towers and the Pentagon to try to rescue others, and the passengers of Flight 93, who rose up together to stop one leg of the attack. It seems that in every generation there is a moment…where there is a “before” and an “after”. Where you can ask anyone, and they will remember what they were doing and where they were on that day, at that hour. 9/11 is ours.

We hope you will join us in creating a memorial.

Please send donations to:

Jan Huffman Treasurer
Newton 9-11 Memorial Committee
27 Indiana Terrace
Newton, MA 02464-1314

p.s. Leanna at All Done Monkey has wonderful post to teach kids lessons from 9/11.

Newton 9/11Memorial Committee

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