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Newton Override Link Round Up

Newton Override Passes

If you are new to Newton and want to know about the Newton tax override, I have a round up of links. This is only the second tax override to pass in Newton. The first was to renovate and build Newton’s High Schools. What does the override mean to Newton’s citizens and what next?


How Close Was It?

From Newton Patch: Newton Voters Pass $11.4M Override Package

The unofficial vote totals for the three questions:

Question 1

The first override question proposed would allow for an $8.4 million tax levy limit override to fund a list of projects, most of which will help with overcrowding and enrollment in the Newton Public Schools.

  • Yes: 9,649
  • No: 8,199

Question 2

Replace or renovate Angier Elementary School?

  • Yes: 9,904
  • No: 7,893

Question 3

Replace or renovate Cabot Elementary School?

  • Yes: 9,879
  • No: 7,919


What if You Can’t Afford Tax Increase?

From Village 14: Statement from Mayor Warren’s office on Newton overrides

When he announced the override package last fall, Mayor Warren also announced an expansion of tax assistance programs for eligible seniors and veterans. A staff person at City Hall has also been designated to help residents concerned about their ability to pay. If you are in need of assistance, you may call Meghan Kennedy at 617-796-1282

Newton Override, Newton tax increase, Newton schoolsimage from Village 14

50 New Teaching Positions Added to Newton Schools

From Newton Patch: Newton Superintendent: FY ’14 Budget Will Add More than 50 Teaching Positions

Of the more than 50 new positions slated in next year’s budget, 13.1 FTE (full-time equivalent) positions will be added on the elementary school level, 10.1 of which are for enrollment growth.

Three of those elementary school positions will be new, part-time assistant principals at the district’s three largest elementary schools: Countryside, Bowen and Memorial-Spaulding.

The elementary assistant principal positions are a new venture for the Newton Public Schools, but according to Fleishman, they are a common practice in Newton’s “peer districts.” Fleishman added that the part-time assistant principals will be full-time staffers who split their time between the assistant principal job and a teaching position.

Other additions include:

  • More than 11 new positions at the middle schools
  • More than 11 new positions at the high schools
  • 3.5 FTE for English Language Learners
  • One new HR position to handle increase in hires as well as new, expanded background checks for teachers

The 50 added positions in fiscal 2014 represent an approximate 3 percent increase to the district’s overall staff, which will total 1,924.6 positions in fiscal 2014.

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