Newton Public School Fees

Newton Public School Fees

Dear Parents and Guardians:

RE:  Fees for the 2016-2017 School Year


This letter will provide the list of all fees for the upcoming school year.  Please note there is one change to fees in 2016-17 pertaining to school lunch, with new prices as follows:  elementary school ($3.30), middle school ($3.60) and high school ($3.85).  Important information on how to apply for a fee waiver is included, as is an explanation of the family caps and the overall fee limit for families, or supercap. Instructions for using the district’s online fee information are also provided.

List of All Fees for 2016-2017

The following is a summary of all School Committee approved fees and corresponding family caps for school year 2016-2017. Family cap refers to the maximum dollar amount a family pays for any one fee per school year.  The supercap is the maximum amount a family pays for all fees per school year.

  • Bus:  Annual round trip $310 per student, family cap of $620.  There is no fee for grades K-5.  The fee is required for students in grades 6 residing less than 2.0 miles from their school and grades 7-12 regardless of distance.
  • High School Athletics:  $300 per sport per season except hockey and football, family cap of $900; $400 fee for hockey and football
  • Middle School Athletics:  $160 per sport per season, family cap of $480
  • Middle School Student Activities:  $60 per student per year if drama is not included, or $100 per student per year if drama is included
  • High School Drama:  $150 per participant per play, maximum of $450 per participant per year
  • Elementary School Instrumental Music:  $150 per student per year; Grade 4 has the option to pay $75 per semester
  • All City Band, Chorus & Orchestra:  $150 per student per year; students who pay the elementary school instrumental music fee are exempt from the All City music fee
  • High School Parking:  $310 per year, payable on a semester basis at $155
  • Elementary School Early Morning Program:  $12.00 per day with payment by semester
  • School Lunch (Increased):  $3.30 per elementary school student, $3.60 per middle school student, $3.85 per high school student
  • Supercap$1,200 maximum family cost per year for fees; the supercap does not apply to high school parking, the elementary school early morning program, and the school lunch program

The Waiver Process

As in prior years, it is the intention of the Newton Public Schools that no student should be excluded from fee-based activities due to inability to pay. Families may apply for a fee waiver based on financial hardship so that no student is denied participation in school-sponsored activities and bus transportation. Waivers are based on income and family size as well as special circumstances such as unforeseen medical problems, change in family status, change in employment status, other emergencies, or temporary hardships. All waiver applications are confidential. Financial waivers do not apply to high school parking.  Waiver forms are available online and upon request.


How to Use the District’s Website for Information, Waivers and Online Payments

Newton families may access detailed fee information including financial waiver instructions and online payment options on the district’s website by visiting the following link. All school-related fees can be paid electronically via a secure and convenient online payment system or by check.

Please do not hesitate to contact my office if you have questions.




Liam T. Hurley

Assistant Superintendent/Chief Financial and Administrative Officer

Newton Public School Fees

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