safest city in United States, Newton safest city

Newton is Safest City!

Newton Safest City in United States

My Mom Friend Lynn was robbed a few weeks ago. Someone entered her  house (ok, the door wasn’t locked) and made off with her jewelry. Down the street, our friend Debbie noticed a strange man walking through her backyard and called the neighbor to see if work was being done. That man Debbie saw was carrying Lynn’s jewelry in a shopping bag he took from her house.

Lynn and Debbie talked and matched up descriptions. He appears to be the same man.

The upshot?

  • We do look out for one another in Newton.
  • This robber wasn’t caught but he will be eventually if he keeps on doing what he’s doing.
  • The mom network is strong here!
  • We have a small town feel but since we are 9 miles from Boston, we need to lock our doors.

safest city in United States, Newton safest city

A Friend on Facebook posted that Newton is the safest city according to American Live Wire. 

And here we are … in the Number 1 spot! The article opens with, “If you are lucky enough to live in one of the cities below, sit back and relax…..apparently you have little to worry about.” But honestly, even if you live in Newton with me, please lock your doors!!


1. Newton, Massachusetts (Population 85,146) (79.6% Caucasian, 2.5% African American, 17.9% Other Race) ($112,230)

2. Brick Township, New Jersey (Population 75,072) ( 93.05% Caucasian,  2% African American,  4.95% Other Race) ($65,129)

3. Amherst, New York (Population 122,366) ( 83.8% Caucasian,  5.7% African American,  10.5% Other Race) ($55,427)

4. Mission Viejo, California (Population 93,305) ( 79.8% Caucasian,  1.3% African American,  18.9% Other Race) ($93,330)

5. Clarkstown, New York (Population 84,187) ( 79.97% Caucasian,  7.87% African American,  12.16% Other Race) ($92,121)

6. Lake Forest, California (Population 77,264) ( 70.3% Caucasian,  1.7% African American,  28% Other Race) ($86,285)

7. Thousand Oaks, California (Population 126,683) ( 80.3% Caucasian,  1.3% African American,  18.4% Other Race) ($101,120)

8. Colonie, New York (Population 81,591) ( 90.55% Caucasian,  3.96% African American,  5.85% Other Race) ($51,817)

9. Cary, North Carolina (Population 135,234) ( 73.1% Caucasian,  8% African American,  18.9% Other Race) ($83,292)

10. Toms River, New Jersey (Population 91,239) ( 89.91% Caucasian,  2.7% African American,  7.39% Other Race) ($71,934)

The racial demographics of the US as a whole according to the 2010 US Census are (72.4% Caucasian,  12.6% African American,  15% Other Race). Average Median Income in the US is ($31,111).

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