Newton is Among Safest Suburbs in Nation

Newton is Among Safest Suburbs in Nation

What are the safest suburbs in America according to Movoto? They looked at 120 suburbs of the 50 most populous American cities. They formed the rankings on per capita statistics of property crime, violent crime, and the chance of being a victim of crime using the FBI’s most recent crime report.

The complete top 10 list of safest suburbs looks like this:

1. Carmel, IN
2. Fishers, IN
3. Parma, OH
4. Dublin, OH
5. Newton, MA
6. Cary, NC
7. Apex, NC
8. Oro Valley, AZ
9. Cupertino, CA
10. Germantown, TN

Newton is Among Safest Suburbs in Nation

Source: Flickr user christopdesoto 

Newton, MA

This Boston, MA suburb, which just over 85,000 people call home, ranked 12th-safest in terms of violent crimes per capita, but third-safest when it came to property crimes per capita. Its 1 in 88 odds of crime earned it a fourth-place rank in that criterion.

Newton saw 970 total crimes in 2012, with 76 of them categorized as violent and 894 being property related. There were no murders reported, and aggravated assaults made up the majority of violent crimes. Burglaries in Newton were 1.6 times higher than in the similarly sized (and first-place) Carmel.

The 10 Safest Suburbs In America By Movoto Real Estate

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