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Newtonville Books Will CLOSE if New Senior Center is Built

From Newtonville Books Newsletter:

Many of you are aware of the City’s interest in building a new senior center on the triangle parking lot in Newton Centre. The City maintains this website with all the information about these ambitions, which have been narrowed down to either renovating the existing senior center in Newtonville, or building a new senior center in Newton Centre, which they project to be an 8-10 year project.

It’s important to us for the community to know that should the City proceed with the plan for Newton Centre, we would not be able to renew our lease in 2022.

We attended a meeting with the Mayor and other local business owners before the pandemic to express our concerns, but those concerns were not represented in the meeting recap we received from the City. We know the City has a refrain that they won’t do anything until they can “figure out the parking situation,” but those who live in Newtonville know that the same thing was said about the development of the Austin Street lot and the City’s parking solution was not successful. (Highland Ave and the surrounding residential streets became nearly impassable as people parked where they could.)

It should go without saying that we’re all for our seniors getting a world-class senior center!

Please see this GLOBE article and this NEWTON TAB article to help inform yourself about this ongoing situation, and if you share our concerns about what this potential construction would do to the fabric of Newton Centre, please share your concerns with Mayor Fuller at

Newtonville Books Reading Challenge

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