Max and Leos, Max and Leo's, Coal Fired Pizza, best pizza, Newton

Best New Pizza Place – Max and Leo’s

Max and Leos, Max and Leo's, Coal Fired Pizza,  best pizza, NewtonMax & Leo’s Artisan Pizza Oven

I consider it a public service to find good food and tell everyone about it – even if it impacts me directly, as in I will no longer be able to get in the door at a favorite place. I got a tip from a friend and was delighted to discover Max & Leo’s Artisan Pizza in Newton Corner. Open only three months, the place was hopping on Saturday night with regulars streaming in for take-out or waiting patiently for a seat (it has a nice beer selection).  With only 15 seats (two tables, a few seats at the bar and some counter space), it looks like it should expand and fast. You can build your own pizza or order one of their wonderful menu options. We had three pizzas (there were six of us – two adults and four children) and had to take two pieces home. What did we order? Three different pizzas, of course and they were all delicious. Great toppings, wonderful crust and amazing service.

Their coal fired (yes, coal fired) oven runs at 900 degrees and can cook a pizza in two to three minutes. Coal? Really? Go read why here. Started by twin brothers Max and Leo Candidus, the place is obviously a labor of love. They even have a portable oven that travels to cater events. How fun is that? For me, I am happy to have found a great new pizza place to put in our rotation

Max & Leo’s Artisan Pizza

325 Washington St. Newton, MA





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