Troubling the Ashes, racism on the rise

Racism and Hate Crimes on the Rise

The #BlackLivesMatter movement may be making headlines across the country, but African Americans aren’t the only minority group experience prejudice. A new Pew Research poll reveals that more than half of Latinos living in the United States have experienced abuse, discrimination, and unfair treatment. According to author Shirley Aaron, the hate and injustice in today’s world is strikingly similar to her days as a Southern teacher during desegregation.

“Hatred and racism didn’t die in the 1960s. No more than it died any other place in America,” says Aaron. “Today, it just wears a different mask.”

Aaron discusses in her new book, Troubling the Ashes:

  • The deep roots of racism and discrimination during the 1960s and 1970s, and how it still exists today in America
  • Her experience as a teacher in the South during desegregation, and how it impacted public schools, voting rights and the political atmosphere forever
  • How religion influences one’s opinions about ethnicity, homosexuality, justice, and compassion
  • The importance of respecting another person’s culture and values, even if they’re unlike your own

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