Racist Incident at NNHS

Troubling Racist Incident at NNHS

September 28, 2016
Dear North Families,

I am writing to you regarding a deeply troubling incident that took place at our school yesterday. As you may have heard or seen on social media, yesterday a car drove around the circle on Tiger Drive waving a large Confederate flag from the window. The incident was immediately reported to police and our Deans began to investigate. A small group of North students have now been identified as involved and we are taking appropriate action.

Racist Incident at NNHS

Please know that we take this incident very seriously. Newton North is committed to creating a school community that is welcoming and inclusive for all.  There are members of the North community who are deeply upset and hurt by the actions of these individuals.  At North we strive to celebrate our diversity and create safe and supportive learning environments for all.  Therefore I look forward to working with our students and staff in working to repair and move forward from this incident.

We will be working with our faculty and student leaders to determine the most effective way to address this incident and move forward. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Henry J. Turner, Ed.D


Newton North High School

Dear Residents,

Waving the Confederate flag on Tuesday at Newton North High School was absolutely unacceptable. We need to acknowledge that the Confederate flag is a hurtful symbol to many in our schools and our community.

While we have initiated work with faculty, administrators, students and with members of the community based on events of the last year to make Newton a more welcoming and inclusive city, it is clear to me that we have a lot more work to do.

Today, I had the opportunity to speak with students as well as visit Newton North. Next week I am going back to the school to meet with students, so that we can work together to promote empathy and understanding.”

Setti D. Warren
City of Newton, MA

My high school daughter tells me that it was three male students; 2 seniors and 1 junior in the car. She thinks two of them were expelled from the school.

She says that tomorrow during the last block, students are invited to show solidarity by coming together in the main hallway.


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