Dear Mr. McGonagle, Over the years, I have noticed the City several times about the blockage of the public sidewalk in front of 1900 Washington Street. This becomes more of an issue during the snow season as the sidewalk plow goes around the blockage by plowing into the street then re-entering past the blockage. This forces pedestrians onto Route 16 and into East bound traffic. The City's last response, several years ago, was that the owner had been sent a letter. The pictures below identify the problem. I believe that such behavior violates a City ordinance. Additionally, as their property appears to jut out beyond their abutting property, in the foreground, Perhaps a matter for zoning. I wonder if they have intruded into City property. The last two pictures identify a problem that has existed since the sidewalk was redone years ago. The sidewalk plow cannot pass the pole in the middle of the walkway. That also forces the predestinations onto Route 16. Finally, I hope that the City has acquired a better sidewalk plow as for years the blade never gotten near the ground and the snow is only compacted by the plow's tracks. That results in an icy condition after it has been walked upon and then freezes. Footprints are frozen in the walkway creating a hazardous condition. BARRELS 1.jpg BARRELS 2.jpg 2016-01-13 WASHINGTON STREET 008.jpg 2016-01-13 WASHINGTON STREET 010.jpg Thank you for your attention to this matter, Bill

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