Shawn’s Studio Free Pilates, Rowing, and Barre

Shawn’s Studio Free Pilates, Rowing, and Barre

Shawn’s Studio in Watertown, MA is pleased to offer free introductory fitness classes to new clients the week of October 26, 2015. What better way to try a new type of exercise or meet new teachers?

Shawn’s Studio Free Pilates, Rowing, and Barre

From October 26 to 31 you can sign up for a complimentary group Pilates mat, Pilates equipment, Indo-Row, Pilates Tower-Row, and barre class online here.

Go to the calendar icon to put in the date you’d like to attend and you’re on your way to a new lean, healthy body for the holidays.

Shawn’s Studio is committed to the Pilates principles that build strength with flexibility, good posture and balance, as well as a strong core that is deeper than just a six-pack. We then apply the Pilates techniques to other exercise that complements our work. Rowing is especially good full-body workout that adds an aerobic component to your routine and it’s even more powerful when we incorporate Pilates into the class. Check out our combination group classes along with the Indo-Row program.

Being a dedicated Pilates studio our instructors are fully certified by the leading international Pilates organizations. We have done far more than a weekend “certification” course, and have completed stringent apprentice programs and passed all written and physical testing.

Sign up today for a sample class and feel the difference for your self at Shawn’s Studio. For details about the studio go to:

The fine print: offer only good for anyone new to the studio and there is a limit of 2 free classes per person.

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