Shawn's Studio Pilates

Shawn’s Studio Pilates: You Can Try for FREE!

My mom friend Maddie has been raving about her Pilates place for years. She has a bad back and she says Shawn is the only Pilates studio she’s been to that doesn’t end up injuring her back.

Shawn's Studio Pilates

Shawn offered to let me try it but I’m not a Pilates person so I sent in my friend Lisa to try Shawn’s Studio Pilates out. She’s been doing Pilates for years. She says, “Shawn’s studio is well-appointed & inviting.  His instruction is concise, with an emphasis on correct form & muscle awareness – perfect for everyone, but especially those with injuries or chronic conditions that must make modifications to certain exercises.”

Here she is hanging upside down:

Shawn's Studio Pilates

Now, she’s twisted like a pretzel:

Shawn's Studio Pilates

My friend Julie went as well because she’s always willing to try out a new exercise place despite dealing with a foot injury. She’s trying out the Reformer here:


Shawn’s Studio Pilates

103 Morse St.

Watertown, MA

Shawn is offering my readers a special discount! Readers (who are new to this studio) will receive a 50% discount on the client’s first Private session and one Free Group class subsequent to the intial Private lesson (excluding any already discounted packages).

Shawn would like new clients to start with a Private to ensure he or she is doing it with correct form in order to stay safe. I really appreciate that!

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