BoxART West Newton

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This is another Newton BoxArtwork in West Newton near Sweet Tomatoes whose best side is not facing the street. I don’t know about you, but I am mixed on the woman’s face. It might be the greenish hue, but sometimes it doesn’t bother me, and sometimes it does. It freaks out my kids though. What […]

Auburndale BoxART: Best Side is Hard to See

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This boxARTwork is easy to miss, especially the sides and back. It’s also much lovelier up close than when viewed from a passing car.

How Does BoxART in Allston Compare to Newton?

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Urban Art: BoxART in Allston Versus Newton I saw this vibrant BoxART in Allston near the Allston Farmer’s Market. You can tell that this is urban street art: one side of the BoxART is defaced with graffiti which is a shame! Do you see it on the lower left hand photograph near the dove? How […]

Newton BoxART: Newton Centre

Newton Boxart,

This Newton BoxART piece in Newton Centre is one of our favorites. We like the magical fairy tale kingdom that is hinted in the background. I’m going to try to post on all of the BoxART pieces so we can vote on our favorites. There is still time to sign up to create your own […]

Newton BoxART Newton Highlands

Are you enjoying the beautification of the electric boxes around Newton? Artists have transformed the dreary army green or dull black boxes into works of art. Here’s the BoxART in Newton Highlands. I’m going to try to photograph all the BoxART, and then we can all vote for our favorite one. Who’s in?

Newton Artists: Join the BoxART Movement!

Newton, Newton MA, Newton BoxART, BoxART, Newton BoxART project

Have you noticed the gorgeous artwork that has been beautifying the city¬†on those drab electrical boxes? On all 4 sides too! Newton BoxArt projects are everywhere. We saw our guy working on his below on Commonwealth Avenue at Washington Blvd. It’s timely! And coincides well because this is the turn to the bottom of Boston […]

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