Camp Owners Share Closing Thoughts for Sleepaway Camp Decisions

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Sleepaway Camp for Next Summer? There’s still time for families to win $5,000 toward camp next summer.  Offer ends Sept. 15. Each year a new crop of prospective camper families will decide which camp their children will attend and embark on a journey at sleepaway camp that will take them through a significant period of time […]

Boston Symphony Orchestra’s Days in the Arts Summer 2012: 1 Week Creative Arts Sleep Away Camp in the Berkshires

DARTS BSO Student Creative Arts Camp Newton Days in the Arts sleep away camp

My daughter did this last year and she loved it! It’s just a week of sleep-away camp with emphasis on art, music and/or performing arts. Your child gets to choose what to emphasize. She had the best time, and would love to go back but you are not allowed to go back-to-back years in order […]

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