Drive for Uber

Part-Time Work for Women as Driver-Partners for Uber

Have you ever thought about working as a driver for Uber? It just might be the perfect “mom hours” job!

My 92-year-old mother just stopped drively recently and my sister has arranged her transportation via Uber because she can track where my mom is during her commute in the Uber car.

Drive for Uber
What You Need to Know:

Good Money: Make $25/hour or up to $1300/week in fares. Get checks deposited into your bank account weekly.
Flexible hours: Work when you want.
Safe and transparent: Know who you’re riding with and how much you made each trip.
Plus: Earn hundreds of dollars for each driver you refer to Uber

Drive for Uber

What You Need to Get Started:

✓ 4-door vehicle (2000 or newer)
✓ Valid driver’s license and personal auto insurance
✓ Vehicle registration
✓ You’re at least 21 years old

Sign up here.

Drive for Uber

Uber has  launched an awesome initiative with the UN to create 1,000,000 jobs for women as drivers on the Uber platform by 2020.
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