Craig's List Scams

Watch for this “Renters Scam”

About 6 pm Friday afternoon, a nice young man with his two little children knocked at my door.  He was inquiring if I knew anything about the people, “Marie and Mick,” who “own” the house next door to me.

Craig's List Scams

I was told that the house is advertised on Craig’s List as being available for rental at a very low fee which includes all utilities, etc.  “Marie and Mick” had to move from this house because their work for WHO, helping people all over the world, moved them to Texas. No city named.

They want “God-fearing people who will treat the house well” to rent it.  The rent they are asking is $1700 a month.  They give details about the house which I believe to be false since I’ve been in it many, many times over the years. The current residents are renters who are currently away.

“Marie and Mick” want a Moneygram wired to them for $800 and after receiving it, they will send the rental agreement.

This is 100% scam and the police should be notified. Scammers typically will ask for western union / money gram payments as you described, as they can’t be traced easily.

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