WellCoin Promotes Healthy Choices in Newton

WellCoin is a website that promotes healthy living. It is coming to Newton! Business partners sign up and healthy habits earn coins that can be traded in at local businesses for rewards.

Here is what Peirce Elementary School nurse Mandy Bass says:

“Business partners include Whole Foods, Legal Seafood, and Pink Berry, among others (24 business partners in all; the founder is working on getting more kid friendly businesses such as book stores, Learning Express, toy stores involved).  Setti Warren  is behind it 100% in the interest of community wellness, and to support local businesses.

Another nice aspect about WellCoin is that healthy habits rewarded are things people can do without spending a lot of money; go for a walk,  eat a healthy snack, etc. if they are not already involved in after school sports.

WellCoin also encourages anyone to participate; certain activities are specifically capped so the elite athlete is not rewarded beyond the individual who wants a healthy lifestyle. We were told, for instance, exercise is capped at 1 hour; if you exercise for 4 hours a day, you get the 1 hour credit and a Congratulations!

This type of project is in line with objectives for elementary aged children written by the HHS, CDC, and affordable care act (prevention commission).”


Here’s more information about Wellcoin:

“Wellcoin makes it fun to get healthy and stay healthy”

Well Coin was founded by a Newton MD, Glen LaFel. It’s a for-profit company which has a mission “to help the world get healthier by increasing the frequency and diversity of healthy activities in our daily lives.”

It uses “health currency.” You earn virtual Wellcoins when you do healthy activities. There is a list of thousands of healthy activities which have assigned Wellcoin values (The amount earned is based on how hard the activity is to do, how long it takes to complete, the impact on your health , etc.) People can redeem their Wellcoins for goods + services from Wellcoin Partners, (which are local businesses, who choose to participate, and choose their rewards they will be offering and how many Wellcoins the reward will cost.)

People know what to do (healthy eating + activities), and this rewards them for their good choices. People earn virtual currency for doing something healthy and then reporting it.

Individuals sign up for free. Right now, it is geared to adults, but they are starting Wellcoin Family, where parents sign up, and enroll their child. This initiative will help to teach the children about healthy activities, etc. in a way that gives rewards. Parents can get points for driving their child to soccer practice, going to the farmer’s market with their child, cooking healthy meals together… Then the family can decide together whether to get a quick reward, or to save up for something together. (This is similar to the old S+H green stamps.)

Newton is the first model city for Wellcoin, and it was launched in Newton in May 2013. By early October 2013, 500,000 coins had been earned by people in Newton. DZ has earned over 14,000 coins since May.

WellCoin can be utilized by adults or children. It’s easy to sign up. Just go here.


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