Yo Fresh, Newton,

Newtonville: Yo Fresh Frozen Yogurt

New Newton Frozen Yogurt Shop Hits the Mark!

My kids were excited to visit the new frozen yogurt shop, Yo Fresh Frozen Yogurt, in Newtonville. In fact, they had been scouting out the construction with great interest. They had no attachment to the old florist shop, Twig, and we were driving to Wellesley all summer after camp to visit PinkBerry almost 3 times a week, sometimes more. I like frozen yogurt as a healthy alternative to ice cream.
Yo Fresh new yogurt store in Newton MA

PinkBerry has greek yogurt which feels very healthy, but more importantly, it has lots of fresh fruit choices which I personally love as toppings. We tried Sweet Tart Frozen Yogurt in Newton Centre as well, hoping to find a closer alternative, but it didn’t have the fresh fruit so it was a no go for us. My kids agreed, fresh fruit is a must!

Yo Fresh Newton

The shop is very inviting! We liked the vibrant colors and the fact that there is plenty of seating, both inside the store and outside as well.

Yo Fresh, Newton,

We made a beeline for the frozen yogurt self serve stations. There are lots of flavors, both non-fat and low-fat. I tried Mango Tango (non-fat sorbet) and my daughter sampled the chocolate.

Newtonville, Yo Fresh, Yogurt Shop, Frozen Yogurt Newtonville, Newton

Next stop is toppings. See all the fresh fruit?!

Yo Fresh, Newton, Newtonville, MA



This is what I ended up with and it was delicious! Mango Tango sorbet with fresh kiwi, strawberries and mango.
Yo Fresh, Newtonville,
This is Frank Amato, the owner of Yo Fresh.
Frank Amato, Yo Fresh Newton, Newton Frozen Yogurt
They are giving out free samples all week. Stop by to check it out before the nice weather ends!
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2 Responses to “Newtonville: Yo Fresh Frozen Yogurt”
  1. Diana says:

    Looks great! Thanks for the review. But I do want to point out that Sweet Tart also has fresh fruit. Yum!

    • Pragmatic Mom says:

      Hi Diana,
      I went about 7 months ago and didn’t see it. I wonder if I missed it or if they added it. Thanks for the heads up and the good news. We’ll certainly go back to Sweet Tart then!

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