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YogaBox: Try FREE Class at Open House

What is YogaBox?

It’s a new fitness concept developed at Nonantum Boxing Club to combine the cardio and strengthening workout of a boxing workout with the core workout and stretching of yoga.

YogaBox, Dawn Davis


Why combine Yoga with Boxing?

Boxing actually has a lot in common with yoga. Both are all about the breath. You need to be able to control your breath in the ring to sustain your energy just as in yoga, the breath is what the practice is ultimately about.

Both yoga and boxing work the core muscles. The power for boxing punches doesn’t come from arms and shoulders; it’s actually from the core muscles in the lower body turning to create force. In yoga, core muscles are utilized in every pose.

What you will get out of a YogaBox workout:

  • strengthening
  • cardio vascular
  • stretching
  • core workout
  • abdominal workout
  • boxing skills
  • yoga poses (Vinyasa Flow Yoga)
  • fun
  • friendly and inviting atmosphere
  • No boxing or yoga experience necessary

Who is Teaching YogaBox?

It’s taught by the two best fitness instructors in their field! The YogaBox class is carefully constructed so that the yoga and boxing complement each other. The yoga routine designed by Dawn Davis who spent the last year learning to box, focuses on core strengthening as well as stretching the muscles used during the boxing workout. Marc Gargaro’s boxing workout will make you sweat.

Marc Gargaro

Marc Gargaro

Marc Gargaro is a certified Level II USA Boxing Certified coach and licensed Professional trainer as well as a licensed boxing promoter. He was an accomplished amateur boxer for several years and was a finalist in the Heavyweight Division of the 2005 USA Northeast Regional Championship Tournament as well as a Lowell Golden Gloves semi-finalist in 2007. He has extensive experience in strength and conditioning programs and sport specific training.

Dawn Davis

Dawn Davis yoga, YogaBox, Nonantum Boxing Club

Dawn Obeidallah Davis brings a rich set of experiences to the teaching of yoga. She is a Developmental Psychologist, a mother of three, and is trained in both the Baptiste and Elemental yoga traditions.  In addition to her expertise and formal training, Dawn brings great enthusiasm to teaching yoga, celebrating the joy of life through movement and breath. A soulful teacher, Dawn helps students cultivate energy in an energetic yet systematically calming way. She is a former Harvard Medical School faculty member and is the author of scientific articles on child development. Dawn received her Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies from The Pennsylvania State University, and has trained in Elemental Yoga with Bo Forbes and in Baptiste Power Yoga with Coeli Marsh.


YogaBox FREE Open House

What: Join us for the launch of a new fitness class: YogaBox! It combines strengthening, conditioning, stretching, core work and cardio for a fun and time efficient workout. We will be using the heavy bag, boxing gloves and wraps, and a yoga mat. You do NOT need to know how to box OR do yoga. Please bring a yoga mat and boxing gloves and wraps if you have them. You can also borrow boxing gloves from Nonantum Boxing Club.

Where: Nonantum Boxing Club at 75 Adams St

Who Is Teaching It?: Dawn Davis for Yoga and Marc Gargaro for Boxing

When: Tuesday, October 7th at 9 am until 10:15 am (75 minutes)

Cost: FREE for this open house!

Classes will run Tuesdays at 9 am to 10:15 (30 minutes of boxing followed by 45 minutes of yoga for a total of 75 minutes).

Special promotional pricing: $75 for 5 classes (never expires and can be applied to any other class at Nonantum Boxing Club including Heavy Bag and Boxygen).

Classes are otherwise $20/drop in.

Questions: Contact Marc Gargaro at 617.340.3700 or

Sign Up: email or leave a comment to reserve your spot. The Open House is limited to the first 20 people who sign up due to space constraints.

YogaBox open house, Nonantum Boxing Club

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5 Responses to “YogaBox: Try FREE Class at Open House”
  1. Jessie Gilmartin says:

    Hi! I’m looking to reserve a spot in the YogaBox class on Oct 7th. Please let me know if there is space available.
    Many thanks, Jessie

  2. Stacy Schwartz says:

    I would love to sign up for the yoga/boxing class on 10/7.
    Stacy Schwartz

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