Rebel Moms

Book Giveaway: Rebel Moms by Davina Rhine

Rebel Moms: The Off-Road Map for the Off-Road Mom by Davina Rhine

Congrats to Becca! You won the book!


Review written by Leah Drichel for The Bloomington Roller Derby Examiner:

Reader Review of Rebel Moms: “In the current political climate, with the Occupy Movement, and people across the globe beginning to take a stand for what they believe in, Davina Rhine has produced a timely and poignant piece of work that communicates to mothers that it’s perfectly OK (beautiful, even!) to be who you are and to believe what you believe and to model this for your children. In the average day, a Mom can fight a soul-wearying battle with Judgment and Guilt, but Ms. Rhine’s work frees a mother from this burden, by showcasing real-life moms that are “off the beaten path”. Truly refreshing. Truly encouraging.”

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Rebel Moms

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6 Responses to “Book Giveaway: Rebel Moms by Davina Rhine”
  1. Becca says:

    I would love to win this book – not in my local library system.

  2. Stacey Zolt Hara says:

    I like to think of myself as a Rebel Mom — and boy to I hope that makes my daughter a rebel in every fabulous way possible. But, it’s easy to let doubt settle in when you see so many more traditional approaches to motherhood and parenting. Very curious to see what this book is all about.

  3. Davina Rhine says:

    Hey ladies! Thanks for you interest in both Mia’s awesome site and my book Rebel Moms! I really liked your thoughts on the subject Stacey and that feeling of freedom & self (and) child empowerment is what these 52 moms are all about. Becca you can request your local library carry it. Keep me posted! And I’m doing my first radio interview on it on blogtalk radio on 04-17-12 at 8 PM Est.


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