Dangerous Intersection: Fuller/Day/Commonwealth

Dangerous Intersection: Fuller/Day/Commonwealth

Last year, after the completion of the installation of a cement sidewalk, on Commonwealth, I gave notice, including pictures, to the City of the dangerous condition that exists for anyone using it. As one proceeds west, the sidewalk places them into Fuller Street, before the stop line. Additionally, the large hedge, over growth and fence make it impossible for a pedestrian to be able to see that to their left is a street (Fuller) and that at the end of the side walk they will be passing into the path of traffic.

Dangerous Intersection: Fuller/Day/Commonwealth

Last year, the City had the hedge trimmed and placed street cones on Fuller Street that push the traffic to the left which allows protection to a person crossing.   The cones were removed in the winter and never replaced this spring. It would be prudent that the curbing at the end of Fuller Street be permanently extended in order that pedestrians and vehicles can see each other.

There is no crosswalk at that intersection or warning signage to vehicles and pedestrians. This is an issue as the other day while I was stopped at Day Street and Commonwealth Avenue, a young child, about 10, was riding his bicycle West on the sidewalk and went straight across Fuller Street. He would have certainly been hit if a car had come down Fuller Street. School is about to recommence.

This is my second written notice to the City and I assure that I shall step forward if a tragedy occurs.

“Concerned Citizen”


dangerous intersection in Newton MA

Dear Mayor Warren:

I have yet to receive a response and no corrective measures have been taken regarding notices sent to City on August 11th and 16th.  The notices were made through the City’s 311 website. The pictures below fairly represent the location, described in the following letter, at 6 PM, August 19th.  This email, as well past my two previous reports is also  being sent to our Day Street area Neighborhood Google Group.


“Concerned Citizen”


Dear “Concerned Citizen”,

The Transportation Division will be looking at this and installing the stop sign within the next few days.  They will also be adding pedestrian crossing signs to alert oncoming traffic to the pedestrian crossing and striping the crosswalk.  Parks and Recreation will be removing the bush in order to provide site clearance as well.  Our Transportation Director Bill Paille will also be looking at the feasibility on of installing a curb extension at this location.  We believe these measure should improve the safety and provide additional advanced warning tom oncoming vehicles.  Thanks you for bringing this to our attention.


Shane L. Mark M.S.

Director of Operations

Department of Public Works

City of Newton

1000 Commonwealth Ave.

Newton Centre, MA 02459

Office: 617-796-1494

Cell: 617-992-1553




“Concerned Citizen”, sorry for the delay. We will look into lack of response to serious issue. I have looped in the head of DPW Shane Mark so he can follow up directly .




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Dear Mayor Warren,
I want to thank you, and your staff, for the prompt response to the situation at Commonwealth Avenue, Fuller and Day Streets.  The bushes have been cut down which now gives users of the sidewalk and vehicles on Fuller Street a clear line of sight to both locations.
I look forward to the new crosswalk, as well as planned efforts to narrow Fuller Street at the stop sign, as has been previously done on upper Fuller Street.
Thank you,
“Concerned Citizen”

“Concerned Citizen,”


I took a look last night on the ride home and again today with the Traffic Engineer and we believe we have a solution.  First, the stop sign was replaced a few weeks ago as well as the bushes were removed and the grass replanted which is a tremendous improvement.


Second, with regard to striping, we have crews coming in over the next several days.  The plan is to grind off the stop bar currently at the Fuller intersection and install a crosswalk from the Fuller ramp to the Day ramp and repaint the crossbar behind the new crosswalk.


Finally, we are going to install about 100’ (or just past the entrance to the curve) of double yellow centerline on Fuller in order to alert approaching drivers on Fuller of the intersection.  With regard to signage, the “Stop Ahead” sign currently on the utility pole in advance of the intersection on Fuller will be replaced with a new sign that is more visible.


We believe this  will improve the safety at this intersection for both drivers and pedestrians and will implement as soon as possible.


Best Regards,




William G. Paille, P.E.

Director of Transportation

Department of Public Works

110 Crafts Street

Newton, MA 02459

T:(617) 796-1491 | M:(617) 596-0564



When responding, please be aware that the Massachusetts Secretary of State has determined that most email is public record and therefore cannot be kept confidential.

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