LL Bean One Fund Tote

One Fund Tote from L.L. Bean

Today L.L.Bean announced the launch of The One Fund Boston Tote, a limited-edition tote made from the tarp used to protect the Fenway Park infield during its 100th anniversary in 2012.

Starting Friday, September 6, the totes will be available in limited quantities at Massachusetts L.L.Bean retail stores (Dedham, Mansfield and Burlington) and at the flagship L.L.Bean store in Freeport, Maine. Only 3,500 totes have been produced, and 100% of the profits will go to The One Fund Boston.

LL Bean One Fund Tote

As you may know, L.L.Bean sponsors the tarp used to protect the Fenway Park infield. Inspired by L.L.Bean’s founder Leon Leonwood Bean’s passion for “upcycling” and his love for the Red Sox.This year L.L.Bean is upcycling the tarp and creating a limited edition version of the company’s signature tote.  To learn more about The One Fund Boston Totes and see how they are made here:

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