What Does This House Say to You? Not Your Grandparents’ Victorian House!

My real estate agent pointed out this house to us a decade ago when we were looking at houses. I’ve always loved this house with its vibrant colors and I’m happy that it’s stayed colorful. This is what the house says to me:

1. I am not afraid of color.

2. Happy people live here.

3. We have a really good house painter.

4. Our city has no ordinances about house color.

5. I am not trying to blend in.

6. I may be on the Historical Society list of houses, but I am not Traditional.

7. I invite feedback.

8. I am in my happy place.

9. I bring the sun.

10. I influence neighbors because…

I Love Newton brightly colored Victorian house Newton MA Massachusetts


Meet my next door neighbor! …

brightly colored colorful homes Newton Victorians Newton Highlands ILoveNewton.com I LOVE Newton MA

and this house says…

1. I really like my neighbor.

2. We use the same house painter.

3. I own a paint company/I am a house painter.

4. We are thinking of adding pink flamingos to the yard.

5. We make a statement.

6. I thought of this first. (No, I did.) (You painted first, but I thought of it first — remember, we talked about it?). (Oh yeah!) (But I thought of the pink flamingos.)

7. Pink flamingos are a good idea.

8. You can never have too much color.

9. Happy people live here.

10. We are not afraid of color.


What do you think these houses say? Please share!


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2 Responses to “What Does This House Say to You? Not Your Grandparents’ Victorian House!”
  1. Rich Parritz says:

    L O V E it !!!!!!!!!!!

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