2012 Olympics Sparks Intrest Among Teens

Olympic Sports Inspire Teens

For many teens, sports are a big part of life. It’s their chance at a college scholarship, a way to make new friends, and a fun activity to fill up their schedules after school.
The Olympics, a display of the best athletes in the world, often gets more attention from teens as they grow older because they enjoy watching highly skilled athletes play their favorite sports at an intense level.
Michael, a local sophmore is intrigued the most by Olympic tennis.”I’m exceptionally excited to see tennis,” Michael stated,  “because I have taken lessons and done summer tennis camps since I was 8. I think it would be really cool to see the same techniques that I learned being used in London this Saturday.”
Mimi, another rising sophmore, is also drawn to the Olympics because of her history with sports.  “I did [gymnastics] as a kid,” Mimi said, “[and] I love the sport and watching them stick all of their [tumbling] passes.”  Mimi is also impressed specifically with gymnastics because of the precision and technique needed to succeed.  She finds that the most impressive part of gymnastics that, “they can do crazy tricks on a four inch piece of wood.”
Michael is also interested in tennis because of the skill level of the players.  “I feel like I just have to keep watching when the professionals make such clean shots,” said Michael, “thay are immaculately measured to the point where they just barely stay in-bounds.  I would say that my favorite Olympic athlete would be the British tennis player Reginald Doherty… he has a very unique form that makes him my favorite.”
Joanne, a local high school student is also impressed with the precision and concentration of Olympic athletes.  If she could do any olympic sport, it would be shooting.  “I look up to people who can have that much focus,” Joanne said. As a gymnast herself, Joanne is also looking forward to gymnastics. “I am most looking forward to gymnastics! I am looking forward because I am a gymnast and I’ve been watching the girls from the beginning. Also, it is a very competitive sport and I enjoy the excitement.The ability to flip your body and the strength needed intrigues me. Everyone has their favorite move which define themselves from any other gymnast.”
It’s only in hindsight when someone can look back and pinpoint a time, place or event that was pivotal in their lives. The 2012 London Olympics could be that significant for teens. You never know. You just never know!
What is your favorite Olympic sport and what favorite athlete or sport are you especially rooting for?
Credit: Ian MacNicol/Getty Images
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